The 4 Key Ingredients to Employment Success from a Mining Recruiter’s Perspective

Hey, I’m Alana Mohi the owner of W1N W1N which is a career consultant and recruitment agency catering to candidates and clients from every industry but my main obsession and speciality is the mining industry in Australia. Every day and for almost two decades I help people to gain work within the industry and I also help mining companies to find awesome staff for their projects. My team and I have worked with Catering, Drilling, Civil and even other labour-hire companies to get them staff but my main focus is and will always be on the candidates and helping YOU to achieve your goals.

From a mining career myself that started when I was 18 years old, I worked my way up from a Utility role (cleaning and working in a kitchen) into logistics, civil, transport and recruitment which then by default turned into the business that I am the managing director of W1N W1N. As the name says, we create win-win situations for everyone no matter what their employment goals are and our focus is on getting you employed- especially within the mining industry.

Like I said this business came about completely by default. For the moment I entered the mining industry and started earning the big bucks I was hooked- The opportunities that came with earning such a huge amount of money was intoxicating so I utilised my knowledge to get myself EVERY SINGLE FIFO/ MINING JOB THAT I WANTED within the industry and have always helped others to do the same. You see, getting a job within the mining industry has and always will be the same. Know what job you want, position yourself to make you the best candidate, and then use EVERY tool available to you to make it happen along with an unrelenting, pitbull determination of not giving up until you achieve your goal. Sounds easy right! Well, it actually is and from decades of honing this system, I have actually assisted thousands of people to gain work within the industry including when they have previously been knocked back hundreds of times. Actually one of my personal challenges is to take on these people who have been knocked back and help them achieve their goals. I would like to say that I’m doing all of this only to help other people but I’ve got to be honest I’m actually doing it for some very selfish reasons. I’ve had people come to my office balling their eyes out because they’re working 3 jobs, can’t afford their mortgage repayments and are about to lose their house, are at their wit’s end, have tried everything to get into the industry and been knocked back, have no idea how their going to turn their life around and in a few short weeks, days and even in some cases hours I have personally worked one on one with these people to help them gain a job within the mining industry which has changed their lives and I can tell you right now, there is no greater satisfaction in life for me than that. I still get emails, texts and phone calls from some of these people and absolutely love to watch their careers unfold. Like I said it’s purely selfish.

Having done this job for so many years now I can tell you right now that everything to do with mining and recruitment I have seen it all. In fact, this has actually allowed me to develop a foolproof system to help people get into the industry and every day people come to me scratching their heads and frustrated because they’ve tried to get into the industry and don’t realise the very common and easily fixable mistakes that are thwarting their own job prospects.

From a recruiter’s perspective, there is a very simple formula to gaining work within the mining industry and some very costly and common mistakes that are the reasons why people send their resume out 300 times and never hear back for even an entry-level toilet cleaning job but luckily these can be easily fixed. In this blog I’m going to pull back the curtain for you into the world of mining and recruitment and help you to overcome all of these little hindrances that could be costing you your dream job and turning recruiters against you which is what I call putting you into the hard basket.

It’s such a common theme- you’re qualified (or even over-qualified) for the job you’re applying for but are left scratching your head as to why you can’t even get a callback. If you meet the minimum criteria, your resume is not a blithering 12 page/5000-word disaster and your phone is still silent it could just be a case of YOU been put in the too-hard basket.

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This is a common scenario that I come across when dealing with thousands of perfectly qualified candidates who struggle to achieve their dream job and have absolutely no idea why.

Funnily enough, the same reasons that could be your downfall are so ridiculously easy to fix that in this blog I’m going to give you some insight from a recruiters perspective of what the problem might be and more importantly how to overcome it.

Still to this day I’m absolutely amazed at how many candidates apply for a job with so much crucial information missing off their resume that I literally don’t bother to read it. Yes, I know, that may sound harsh but when I get an influx of thousands of applicants for a single advertised job, and that’s not even using the main job platforms such as seek, etc no offence but your application had better stand out and make my job easier or I’m moving onto the next candidate.

From writing resumes for over 20 years, working in recruitment and recruiting candidates for my mining clients meaning that I have to read sometimes thousands of resumes per day, it absolutely amazes me how many times I come across resumes and candidates who make me work for it. By that I mean the resume is actually making ME have to constantly source additional information from YOU which is just a downright pain in the butt and has already put me off wanting to pursue your application. And let me tell you this right now. The difference between two equally qualified candidates is that, without a doubt, every time I’m going to go after the candidate that makes my job easier and from speaking to other recruiters in the industry I don’t think I’m alone in saying this either. So let’s see what we can do to give you the best chance and ensure that you don’t end up in some recruiter’s too hard basket.

What do I mean by too hard basket?: Okay let’s start with the very first impression that I’m going to get of you……. You guessed it- it’s your resume. And more importantly, what is or isn’t on it can make or break your job hunting prospects. If it’s good enough to get through an ATS (filtration) system then congratulations because you’re halfway there, but once it’s through you want to make sure that when you’re competing with thousands of other candidates you stand out against them and one if the simplest ways to do this is to give the recruiter what they want.

Starting at the top, here are some of the essential items that without a doubt need to be listed on your resume to make shortlisting you for work easier.

Contact Details. I need to know every single way under the sun that I can contact you. I’m talking about your phone number(s), email address(s), LinkedIn profile, carrier pigeon, pager number or any other way possible that you can be contacted. I’m still amazed at people who submit resumes without their phone numbers on them and then wonder why they struggle to find employment. In fact, it’s inconceivable that someone could even write a resume and not think to put a phone number on it but again if I’m recruiting for a position and I can’t contact you, guess what, I’m not going to bother. Instead, you’re going straight into the TOO HARD BASKET.

Licences and Qualifications: So you’ve submitted a resume for e.g. an operators role that requires A, B and C qualifications and you have no listed qualifications at all that would allow me to know that you meet the minimum criteria of the job. Now if for some reason I’m struggling to find candidates to fill this role I might bother to contact you to find this information out but for now you’re going in the TOO HARD BASKET until I’ve shortlisted or cut other candidates.

Work History and Experience. So you apply for e.g. an Experienced Operators role which requires you to operate A, B and C and is clearly stipulated in the ad however there’s no mention of you operating any of this equipment in any of your jobs? Okay so your resume might be seriously out of date but again, I’m sorry but the likelihood of me wasting my time and a phone call, or even an email for me to chase YOU to find out whether you do actually meet the minimum criteria is so low that you’ve just been put in the TOO HARD BASKET. The only exception to the rule on this one is if you actually submit your qualifications separately with your resume via an email,.

REFERENCES. Finally, this is one of the biggest misconceptions that I hear so regularly that I’m wondering who’s spreading this fake news is that references are no longer a requirement. Sure references can be completely dodged up-in fact I’ve heard of people getting several fake pre-paid phones and putting on accents to do their own references – don’t get any ideas now but it actually makes sense if you think about it. If you’re going for a job I want to know from your previous employer whether you’re the sort of candidate that I want working for my company. And furthermore, if you DO NOT have your references on your resume that I can contact there’s a high possibility that again I’m not even going to bother because if you’re making my job hard, there’s probably several thousand candidates that are making it easier for me. Give Me What I Want- aka Make My Job Easier and I’ll give you what you want- which is a job.

Gaining successful employment in any industry can be a breeze if you look at things from a recruiters perspective. Their job is to quickly find the best candidate for the role for their clients. You may be the most unsavvy tech person but if you’re paying someone to write a resume or even writing it yourself, along with a conclusive work history, the correct formatting and for the resume to be ATS friendly, ensuring that you have these key elements listed will give you a significant upper hand over candidates that don’t.

WHATEVER job you may be trying to achieve, if you’re wanting a free resume analysis or you’re needing more information on landing ANY job in ANY industry book in for a free consultation with one of our friendly team where we’ll do a complete analysis on your resume, skills and goals and help to create a workable plan to help you to achieve it. Until next time, Happy job hunting. Alana Mohi

Review of skills, training and workforce development | Jobs and Skills WA


On Thursday 21 May 2020, the establishment of an urgent review of skills, training and workforce development (the review) was announced in response to COVID-19’s impact on the workforce in Western Australia. A review team was established:

  • Ms Anne Driscoll, Director General, Department of Training and Workforce Development;
  • Ms Michelle Hoad, Managing Director, North Metropolitan TAFE; and
  • Ms Terry Durant, Managing Director, South Metropolitan TAFE.

The review team was asked to engage with industry and business to identify practical and responsive training solutions for the post COVID-19 recovery period; and over the review period met with over 238 stakeholders in 70 meetings. 

The response from stakeholders was overwhelmingly positive, with industry and business acknowledging the proactive handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and its recovery packages. Stakeholders also indicated their appreciation in being able to participate in the review and to work with Government to enhance the training system and address the skills and workforce needs of the State. 

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